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Challenge- met!

While attending the Health Experts Alliance in January 2017, I accepted the challenge to post a facebook live video daily for 30 days straight. I certainly had to stretch my comfort zone widely to appreciate that getting it done helps me to inspire more people than endlessly revising my work in the quest for perfection. So starting February 1, 2017, and continuing for 30 days in a row, I humbly- and often quite raw-ly ;-) posted quick takes on a wide range of health and wellness topics. With my partners at Elements Natural Medicine, we also launched a Weekly W.I.N.K. (c) What I Need to Know live video series to dig in a little more deeply.

The response has been so incredibly encouraging! While I took the following 30 days to exhale (with more than a little wonderment at having successfully conquered that individual challenge!), I am back on deck with the support of all of you. I am committing to one additional facebook live quick take each week, in addition to continuing our Weekly W.I.N.K. (c). And, as requested, I will post the link to all of the prior quick takes here on this website. (You may need to cut and paste the URL to your browser if I have not quite figured out how to make the hyperlink ;-)

Be well!

Doc Wade

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