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Our Holistic Services

inspire health associates provides a wide range of consultative services for all ages and stages of life, including: 

                    *     Bioidentical Hormone Replacement
                    *     Botanicals (Herbal Medicine)
                    *     Clinical Homeopathy
                    *     Functional Medicine
                    *     Hypnotherapy
                    *     Medical Acupuncture
                    *     Nutritional Medicine
                    *     Reiki

Many more options for achieving health and wellness may be explored according to your own unique concerns and lifestyle goals.


Complementary and alternative therapies are useful in a wide variety of clinical cases, including:

                    *     Acute and Chronic Pain

                    *     Autoimmune Diseases
                    *     Digestive Disorders

                    *     Hormonal Imbalances
                    *     Mental Disturbances

                    *     Neurologic Problems
                    *     Respiratory Illnesses
                    *     Smoking Cessation
                    *     Weight Management
                    *     Women's Health Concerns

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