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inspire: activate, embolden, energize, enlighten, excite, illuminate, inform, stimulate, vitalize

Who should consider a partnership with inspire health associates?

Everyone who believes the following:
1)  I deserve quality health care with a doctor who knows me.
2)  I deserve a doctor I can trust to give me good, personalized patient education.
3)  I deserve a doctor who will guide me to make the best health decisions and action plans for achieving a healthier life. 

What if I have health insurance?

inspire health associates is not contracted with health insurance companies.  Indeed, our contract is directly with you, the patient, to partner for your optimal health and wellness. While inspire health associates does not contract directly with any health insurance company or entity, our health care services generally qualify for many patients for reimbursement at an out-of-network or non-participating provider rate.  You may also be able to use your health savings or flexible spending account for health care with inspire health associates.  You should check directly with your health insurance provider or benefits manager to clarify reimbursement issues before your visit.  inspire health associates can provide you with a detailed invoice of services to assist in your reimbursement.


What are the fees for health services with inspire health associates?

Please contact our office directly to review the variety of payment options for integrative consultations, holistic family healthcare, and medical acupuncture, including pay-per-visit and discounted pre-pay plans and packages.


Is this boutique or concierge medicine?

No.  Boutique or concierge medicine generally includes higher, up-front retainer fees that allow physicians to reduce patient volume while providing significant compensation.  

A different, innovative practice model is the Ideal Medical Practice (IMP), based on delivery of superb health care in healing continuity relationships between the physician and patient.

inspire health associates is a dynamic IMP with the express mission to deliver 2AC care:
Access to your own doctor for high quality care;
Attention to your individualized health care needs;
Continuity relationship with a doctor who knows you; and,
Communication and guidance on your health-related issues.

Integrative health care is provided by a licensed, board-certified Family Physician who has completed additional medical training in an accredited fellowship and achieved board-certification in Integrative Holistic Medicine.


How can I contact inspire health associates?

By telephone:  866-634-6774 (86-MD-INSPIRE)
By email:

As a prior patient of inspire health associates  who chooses to continue care with Dr. Wade, how may I connect ?

First, thank you! It is a pleasure and a very humbling honor to partner with you, again.  Please check here in January 2024 for new practice location and updates. 

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