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Our Partnership Model

inspire health associates believes that maintaining optimal health begins by restoring the sacred relationship shared by you and your doctor.   The crisis in health care in the United States has many layers of cause which have adversely affected quality and costs for both patients and physicians.  Too often, restrictive policies and escalating fees have undermined the foundation of trust that is essential between doctors and patients.  

The Ideal Medical Practices (IMP) project is a national physician-inspired, patient-centered movement devoted to providing superb health care to smaller, more personalized patient panels.  Key factors in achieving healthcare excellence include access to your own continuity care doctor, efficient office operations, and empowering patients with dynamic self-care tools.  

The inspire health associates IMP model is dedicated to providing highly personalized, consultative family health care that integrates a wide variety of complementary and alternative health services with evidence-based, lifestyle medicine. 


In order to protect and preserve the sanctity of the healing relationship between doctor and patient, inspire health associates is not contracted directly with health insurance companies for patient care services.  (Some patients may have coverage for standard reference labs with their health insurance. Some specialty and functional medicine labs may also contract directly with some health insurance companies to cover some costs associated with these evidence-based, yet, highly personalized evaluations.)


Direct access to Dr. Wade for care is the foundation of our practice.  This allows inspire health associates to provide services directly to you without limiting contracts, time/resource inefficiencies, and overhead costs that may hinder the quality of the health care relationship between you and your doctor.  With an annual in-person, office visit on record, you have access to convenient virtual/telemedicine visits. Your optimized health and wellness are in the palm of your hand. 

Your holistic health partnership with inspire health associates offers you a responsive, involved, deeply experienced and highly qualified physician to care for your unique wellness needs.

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